When we first met her, Marian was pregnant and had 2 older children, aged 9 and 2. They lived in cramped and unsuitable accommodation for their family’s needs. This situation was compounded by her arthritis, lack of mobility and post-natal depression (due to a previous stillborn birth) leading to Marian expressing suicidal thoughts. We arranged a peer volunteer to support her over an eight-month period and over this time Marian felt able to discuss her emotional instability due to the trusting relationship she has built. The volunteer was called ‘Aunty’ by the children, an indication of the position she held within the family. Marians mood improved over the course of time and we were able to resolve her housing situation through the Early Years Joint Support Team meeting. Since Mum gave birth, she moved to improved accommodation and the peer volunteer supported her throughout this time. Marian is now in a much happier and more resilient place expressing gratitude for all our support including signposting and advocacy.

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